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Shenzhen yigaoyun technology co., LTD., founded in 2001, has long been focusing on the research and development, manufacturing and application of automotive active safety electronic products.To provide more safety guarantee for drivers is our service tenet.

Our company mainly carries out the research and development, production and service of "TPMS (tire pressure monitoring system)", "cloud application" and other automotive electronic products. It is the only application and production base of Taiwan YChamp automobile and power industry in mainland China, and has passed the ISO quality management system certification

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1. Provide TPMS products for main engine factory. 2. Provide TPMS solutions for manufacturers of vehicle-mounted Android terminals, traffic recorders, OBD, HUD, cloud monitoring, asset management systems, Internet of Things, etc. 3. Provision of overall or partial application technology solutions for TPMS products; 4. ODM and OEM of TPMS products; 5. Technical services such as performance optimization and upgrading of TPMS products in production; 6. Customization development of TPMS products; 7. TPMS manual line, semi-automatic line, automatic line construction and production process guidance;
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