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About us

Shenzhen EGQ Cloud Technology Company Ltd was established in 2001. Which pays close attention to the Automotive active safety products' R&D, manufacturing and application for a long time period
“To provide occupants the most security guarantees”is our service tenet.
EGQ has been focusing on the R&D, manufacture, service of the Car Electric Products of "TPMS (tire pressure monitoring system)" and “Cloud based” etc. It is the only production base of Taiwan YChamp Automotive electronics industry company. It also passed QMSC of ISO
The company's patented product series " Phonic TPMS " as the new standard of TPMS industry, has implemented a comprehensive promotion in the industry, which will guide the domestic TPMS industry fully into the global market. Now product has been extended to RF series, Bluetooth series. Currently our partners in Western Europe, the United States, South Korea, Taiwan and other countries & areas have developed their markets to sell this products. "Phonic TPMS " with the higher quality, thoughtful and comprehensive human-computer interaction beyond the practicality of traditional TPMS has won widespread praise and recognition of the market.
Looking forward to the future, EGQ people will continue to promote the high quality strategy, with innovative design capabilities, comprehensive quality management, meticulous service to meet the needs of our customers. It will also dedicate to improve the products reputation from R&D, manufacture, service etc various aspects. To be stronger, larger and more exquisite,
Our perseverant goal is to become stronger, more exquisite and the excellent leading company with distinct Core Value in this field.

The services we offer:

1, Provide TPMS product matching to the host factory

2, Provide TPMS products supporting solutions for car DVD, car recorders, 4G multi-function rearview mirror, OBD, HUD, cloud monitoring and other manufacturers to;

3, Provide TPMS products, or maintain product replacement for foreign customers or imported vehicles

4, Provide TPMS product overall or local application technology program

5, ODM, OEM for TPMS products;

6, Provide TPMS products in process the performance, function optimization & promotion and other technical services;

7, Guide for establishment of TPMS manual line, semi-automatic line, automatic line and production process

TPMS product development process:

Sep. 2013, it Launched the lightest sensor transmitter inside this industry, with an external weight 7.2g and internal 15.2g;

May. 2014, the world’s first rechargeable voice-enabled product was launched, and an auto-report program was originally created; this allowed the owner to avoid distractions.

Aug. 2014,  it finally managed to get rid of high-frequency interference successfully caused by commonly used electronic devices such as in-vehicle DVD. The effective reception rate got to the top list; it was used in 16 brands and 53 vehicles including KIA and ROEWE, and the data real-time updated rate was above 95%;

Nov. 2014, it released the first WiFi transmission TPMS product inside this industry, and entered the vehicle networking + camp;

Jan. 2015, it completed the two-way communication of TPMS products and became one of the few manufacturers that could complete the whole machine TPMS high-end supporting within this industry;

Apr. 2015, the industry’s thinnest color screen product was released, the thickness is only 9.6mm, which supports multiple text display;

May. 2015, it successfully optimized dot matrix display power consumption and released the first ultra-thin, true-color TFT solar product within industry.

Jan. 2016, the first mass-produced Bluetooth 4.0 sensor transmitter was launched in mainland China, which eliminated the problem of secondary installation of TPMS products in Bluetooth terminals, simply expanding the ease of useing TPMS products. (Second in the world);

Mar. 2016, it completed the road test and mass production of the products for 26-tires bus/van.

Sep. 2016, based on the Freescale chip, it completed internal and external sensor drive-and-go technology ( 4 seconds, no speed limit), which further improved the practicability and experience of post-installed TPMS products;

Dec. 2016, it completed the new company standard filing, and all requirements exceeded the industry's recommended standards.

Mar. 2017, it launched the only solar-energy machine solution within industry that can be used normally without a battery but under pure solar panels.

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